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punkflop preguntó:

hello I was just wondering what your tongue piercing experience was like? I want mine done but I'm a little nervous, thank you :)

Hello :)

Well, I was nervous too, but I really wanted a piercing, so I decided to get it! The guy, who put me the piercing, put me first anesthesia so I just felt a little picket. I got my tongue piercing last Friday and I had troubles to eat, only ate soft food, now I can eat better but I chew slowly because the food moves the piercing and causes a little of pain. I was talking weird haha because my tongue was swollen. The guy gave me some tips like… Don’t eat spicy food, don’t eat pork, don’t smoke, don’t alcohol, don’t drugs and use mouthwash without alcohol.

If you get a tongue piercing, the most important thing is that you should eat carefully… Later you get used n.n

P.S. Sorry for my English, I don’t speak it or write it very well >-<
And I hope that this will be useful :D

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